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The First Annual FOLBR Founders Award

071308 George and Pam Beardsley Horseing Around

Friends of the Lower Blue River is proud to announce the establishment of The Founders Award. This award will be given annually. It recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the quality of the Lower Blue River Valley. In its first award, FOLBR recognizes Pam Beardsley and her husband George, posthumously.

Pam and George Beardsley were not only instrumental in establishing a conservation easement on their own ranch property, they also shared the value of conservation with others in the Lower Blue River Valley. Thanks to their leadership, other ranch owners followed suit establishing easements. The Lower Blue has large land parcels protected from further development in the future.

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The FOLBR Livestock Emergency Preparedness Program

By: Sawyer D'Argonne

Summit Daily News

LEEP Emily Jacobs

Trainer Emily Jacobs works to familiarize Beau the horse with getting into a trailer at the Pebble Creek Ranch on Monday, June 7.

Wildfire season continues to creep closer, evidenced by the hazy skies that emerged over Summit County on Tuesday, June 8, as smoke from fires burning around Colorado and the Southwest drifted overhead.

By now, Summit County residents should be well prepared, hopefully having taken the past few months to create defensible space around homes and ready evacuation kits in order to leave the area at a moment’s notice. But for those responsible for pets and livestock, there’s more to think about than just getting themselves out of the house safely.

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Join FOLBR for an Evening Celebrating Nature's Wonder

Come share an evening with Friends of the Lower Blue River on Wednesday, February 12th at the Silverthorne Pavilion between 5:30 and 8:00pm, for an inspiring evening showcasing the beauty of the Lower Blue River Valley. Renowned Colorado Photographer John Fielder will share his work and ideas for preserving our natural world. John's latest book will be available as well. We will present a short Water and Wildlife film festival on the unique character of our area along with a global perspective. We'll have a cash bar, silent auction and heavy hors d’oeuvres provided by Food Hedz Catering.

Tickets are $15/person in advance and $20/person at the door. You can purchase your advance tickets by going to the Eventbrite link below.


Colorado should take prompt action!

Colorado should take prompt action after the lessons we learned from last year's California Wildfires. The Denver Post discusses the devastation that we see every year from Wildfires; lives lost, destruction of homes and wildlife habitat, billions of dollars spent suppressing and restoring. Fire suppression measures have been taken, but what measures need to be taken to prepare for and prevent fires? Read more to learn about "The Wake Up Call for Colorado" after the California wildfires.

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Chronic Wasting Disease - Denver Post

As the Denver Post shares, Chronic Wasting Disease, or (CWD) has infected up to 16 percent of male animals tested in parts of Colorado. CWD affects the health of the state's wildlife populations of deer, elk and moose. Additionally, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, hunters need to be cautious and follow the recommended process of getting the carcass tested. For additional information on CWD and Colorado Parks and Wildlife expert strategies for fighting the disease, click here to read the full article.

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We Need More Wildlife Passings in Colorado

While wildlife over passes and under passes may be expensive, we need more in Colorado to assure safety of humans and wildlife. Read more from Mother Nature Network as they discuss the success of the passings, the costs of safety and the importance of strategy behind selecting additional passings.

Sky-Hi News Article on Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — An overflow crowd of more than 100 people, some who drove in from Wyoming and Colorado’s Front Range, assembled at Library Hall in Steamboat Springs on Dec. 7 to hear Sierra Club ecologist Delia Malone make the case for the reintroduction of wolf packs to Western Colorado.

Do you think wolves should return to Colorado? Continue reading the article from Sky-Hi News to learn more. Click here.

SDN: Announces FOLBR Hosts Fundraiser at Historic Community Center

Summit Daily News announces, Friends of Lower Blue River Valley hosts fundraiser at historic community center. A Summit County gathering place that once hosted President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fundraisers to fight polio will again play host to the Friends of the Lower Blue River Valley’s biggest event of the year, a community gathering from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on July 30.

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Summit County Safe Passages for Wildlife Open House

Join the Forest Service to learn about efforts in Summit County to protect Safe Passages for Wildlife:

  • Learn how the Forest Service, CDOT, the county, and towns are working together with local stakeholders from across the community to restore important connections for wildlife movement.
  • Become engaged in our efforts to construct wildlife crossing and protect habitat so that healthy wildlife populations can continue to thrive.
    When: Wednesday, July 26. Please come anytime from 5:30-8:00 pm. There will be a brief presentation at 6:00 pm.

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SDN: FOLBR Welcomes New Director

Summit Daily News covers new Executive Director, Megan Vassar and FOLBR’s current focus’ keeping them aligned toward their mission of sustaining the lower Blue River Valley. This article touches the environmental, safety and educational issues such as FOLBR’s ongoing efforts towards improved cell service, additional wildlife crossings and the potential for expanded community presence. For the full article click here.

Join the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District

Until recently, most of the Lower Blue Valley between Silverthorne and Heeney has been a no-man’s-land, outside of any fire protection district.

In about 2006, whole subdivisions were invited to join Lake Dillon Fire District, if there was unanimous agreement of owners. Then, 6 years ago, individual owners were invited to join, even if their neighbors declined to be included. Now, of 185 possible No-Man’s-Land properties, 73 are officially included in the Fire District—about 40%. The others have hesitated, primarily because of the associated increase in property tax, now $71.64 per $100,000, actual value.

We have a wonderful fire department, which has showed even more interest in the Lower Blue, since our owners have started joining. FOLBR strongly encourages everyone in “No-Man’s Land”, not already included in the Fire District, to join now!

The application process has been simplified—1 page. The application fee is now $100 for individual properties.

Click here to print out the application form with directions on the back.

Lake Dillon Fire District Will Install Your Address Sign!

The Lake Dillon Fire Rescue is reinstituting the highly visible address numbers project.

In the Lower Blue Valley, we have long had a problem with emergency responders being able to find certain addresses, especially in the dark or in bad weather. Several properties have had nearly impossible to read address numbers or none at all. The Fire Department is willing to offer installing your address sign for owners that are willing to purchase their sign. For those that are interested in an address sign we have some easy steps to follow to get your sign installed.

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