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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Announces New Wintering Awareness Initiative

Emily Gutierrez--Sky Hi News

During the winter months big game wildlife head to their winter ranges as they try to find vegetation and grazing areas not buried by snow. Seasonal closures are often instituted to help protect these animals as they forage for food beneath the snow.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife partnered with outdoor recreation organizations to help protect wildlife when they’re most susceptible. Animals like elk and deer are most vulnerable to human disturbances in the winter season when they come down from high elevations to low lying valleys.

Winter Wildlands Alliance and Colorado Mountain Club will be working with Parks and Wildlife to share new educational resources with Coloradans to help winter recreationists understand and lessen impacts on the state’s wildlife.

With funding from Great Outdoors Colorado, the Wintering Wildlife Conservation Initiative was debuted at the beginning of the year with information and resources that individuals and organizations can share. The primary goal of the initiative is to minimize human disturbance towards wildlife during the winter and spring.

Colorado has elk, mule deer, moose and bighorn sheep. Winter disturbances or stress caused by humans jeopardizes these animals’ ability to survive into the following season, and reduces females’ chances of carrying and raising healthy offspring. Disturbance on public lands can also push wildlife onto private lands or roads. As a result, herd and population declines are seen.

This campaign aims to inform recreationists to be aware of wildlife winter ranges and to use caution when entering areas with signs of recent wildlife activity.

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