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The Lower Blue River Valley primarily consists of historical ranches. A few of these ranches have been subdivided into 20-acre parcels allowing single family homes and a few subdivisions with a definitive rural character, allowing slightly higher densities. Some of these ranches are still populated by families of ranchers descended from the original homesteaders or owned by families who purchased from these original families.

Some landowners have taken the step to forever preserve their land from higher density development through conservation easements, open space purchases and land trades. These efforts serve to maintain the historical, rural, and traditional agricultural character of the Lower Blue Valley, and are strongly encouraged by FOLBR. FOLBR believes that conservation easements are the most viable method of achieving the objectives described above.

FOLBR is actively involved with historical research and documentation to help our community gain a better understanding of the history of this unique valley for the purpose of communicating the value of preserving this important way of life.

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We Promote environmental integrity in the Blue River Valley

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