FOLBR - Friends Of the Lower Blue River

  • The Blue River Valley

    The Blue River Valley

    Meanders down the highway 9 corridor, North of Silverthorne

  • Beautiful Colorado

    Beautiful Colorado

    Education, Collaboration & Community Involvement.

  • Environmental Integrity

    Environmental Integrity

    Promoting the safety for residents, livestock & wildlife.

  • Unspoiled National Forest

    Unspoiled National Forest

    Maintaining the rural character, quality of life, and the environment.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    To protect the traditional agricultural character of the Valley.

  • The Blue River Valley
  • Beautiful Colorado
  • Environmental Integrity
  • Unspoiled National Forest
  • Our Mission

Friends Of The Lower Blue River

A volunteer group promoting quality of life, and the
environment of the Lower Blue River Valley.


The Friends of the Lower Blue River are dedicated to sustaining and protecting the traditional agricultural character, promoting the safety of the residents, livestock and wildlife, and maintaining the environmental integrity of the Lower Blue River Valley through education, collaboration and community involvement.


To sustain and protect the traditional agricultural character, promote the safety of the residents, livestock and wildlife, and maintain the environmental integrity of the Lower Blue River Valley through education, collaboration and community involvement.

History Story Map

Friends of the Lower Blue River is committed to preserving the rich history of the Blue River Valley. Through grant support from the Summit Foundation, we have created this interactive tool that documents and takes you to key points of interest in the Valley. You will see photographs and read about those who came before us. Those who settled this pristine area of Summit and Grand Counties in the 1800’s and the relevance those sites have today. FOLBR invites you to take this journey on our website and discover the treasure, that truly is the Lower Blue River Valley.

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Stop The Pit Blog

Official Denial of Peak Ranch Resource Issued

Three months after the State Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS) held a series of three public hearings on Peak Ranch Resource, the official ruling has now been issued. The document formally lays out the findings of fact and conclusions of law and order regarding Peak Materials attempt to gain a state permit to mine gravel on the Blue River. The ruling details the unanimous denial of the permit request.

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Peak Materials Weighing Options With Hillyard Property


By Lindsey Toomer---Summit Daily

Since a state board denied Peak Materials’ application for a gravel mining permit at the Hillyard property in April, neighbors have been left with many questions about what the property’s future might hold.

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Beyond The Trails Blog

New Year Beacon

President Biden’s Executive Order to protect 30% of our land and water by 2030 has been on the table for months. However, many details including funding and land conservation classifications are unclear. Twenty-six percent of our water is currently protected, though only about 12% of our land is officially conserved by federal estimates.

"To achieve the America the Beautiful framework, we are doing it one lands package at a time," Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse said last month at an event organized by the Conservation Lands Foundation. He pointed to H.R. 803, the "Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act," approved on a largely party-line vote (E&E News PM, Feb. 26). That package would establish nearly 1.5 million acres of new wilderness areas and incorporate more than 1,000 river miles into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in Arizona, California, Colorado and Washington state.

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2022 and Beyond

The future holds promise for our environment, though significant challenges remain. The UN says up to $3.8 trillion is needed annually until 2050 to prevent an irreversible devastating rise in global warming.

Encouragingly, climate investment grew in 2018 to $546 billion according to the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI). Research from the non-profit Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) finds that emissions attributed to banks’ investing and lending activities are 700 times larger than emissions from banks themselves.

It is now more important than ever that we each seek out the greenest financial institutions. Ask about their sustainability initiatives and if they intend to increase their green lending portfolio. Your mutual fund probably holds stock in several banks, so ask your financial advisor what they are doing to help combat global warming.

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State of the Planet

“The G20 members... are now spending 50 per cent more on sectors linked to fossil fuel production and consumption, than on low-carbon energy.” That's according to the December 2020 Climate Action team at the UN. They explored G20 rescue packages in the depths of the Covid pandemic. The team concluded it was the time to act boldly, but in a constructive way that would heal the planet productively.

I'm encouraged, more than 124 countries have committed to become climate neutral by 2050. The European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea are included. I expect the EU will reduce its emissions to at least 55 percent below1990 levels by 2030.

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Whats Happening Blog

FOLBR's Climate Resiliency Initiative is Underway

Photo by: Richard Strauss

Friends of the Lower Blue River has hired the eco-consulting firm Geosyntec to assist us in our Safe Soils/Climate Resiliency Initiative. Beginning right after the first of the year, Geosyntec will start gathering extensive data, targeting four private ranches in the valley, Pass Creek, Blue Tree, Otter Creek and Blue Valley.

The initial scope will involve identifying the key ecological characteristics of each of these private properties. Later in the first quarter of the year, research scientists will collect samples from these diverse properties. The goal is to assess the health of the soil throughout the forested lands, riparian zones and open pastures.

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Consider Conservation Easements for your Property

Have you ever considered designating your land, large or small, for a conservation easement? Here is some important information worth considering from our partners at Colorado Open Lands. FOLBR is always here to help if you need it. 

What are Conservation Easements?
Colorado Open Lands serves our community and future generations by helping private landowners place a voluntary legal agreement called conservation easements on their property. Under the terms of these agreements, their ranch stays their ranch, their farm stays their farm. The process is driven by the wishes of the landowner, but with the goal of protecting open space, water, and wildlife habitat – forever.

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FOLBR Safe Soils/Climate Action Initiative is Moving Forward

We are making significant progress in our Safe Soils/Climate Action Initiative. In our first phase, we will utilize the experience and geo-engineering services of the consulting firm Geosyntec. The initial scope of the project is to assess the soil, obtain baseline results, then determine recommendations to improve the varying land profiles.

We are fortunate to have four ranchers who have agreed to partner with us in this initial phase. Collectively they have diverse land profiles and offer us a great opportunity to gather solid data. We want to thank Jim Donlon (Pass Creek Ranch); Charlie Kurtz and Ann Stailey (Blue Tree Ranch); Johnny LeCoq (Otter Creek Ranch); and Brien Rose (Blue Valley Ranch) for their support in our initiative. Ultimately, we hope to expand our focus throughout the Lower Blue River Valley. We want to work with ranchers and land stakeholders to offer good information and data for the future health of our wonderful valley.

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