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FOLBR's Safe Soils/Climate Resiliency Update


In November, we met with the ranchers who participated in Phase 1 of our Safe Soils/Climate Resiliency Initiative. Four key landscapes were analyzed by the lab at Cornell University, facilitated by Eco-Consulting firm Geosyntec. Soil samples were taken from forested woodland, shrubland, riparian/wetland and agricultural areas. We presented our ranchers the findings, which included analysis of the soil's physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Our four partner landowners examined the results, soil types and composition to help inform future management practices. We are taking this insight to formulate prescriptive project recommendations for climate resilience and improved soil health. We will continue to work with our ranch partners to help them begin to implement projects in the summer and autumn of 2023.

We thank Pass Creek, Blue Tree, Otter Creek and Blue Valley ranches for their participation in this initiative. FOLBR's goal is to share everything we've learned with other private landowners and public stakeholders in the Blue River Valley. We anticipate making these findings public very soon. Stay tuned.

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