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Think Globally…Act Locally

The slogan “THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY” is pretty catchy. When it
comes to climate change (or as some say “climate disruption”) I ask myself, what can I do locally as a Summit County resident, and will my actions have any impact?

The answer is yes. We can all have an impact and here are just a few ways:

Less car idling: I have paid more attention to the number of cars in our complex left idling for several minutes. With fuel injection now in most, if not all new cars, idling isn’t necessary. The exhaust from internal combustion engines contains pollutants that negatively impact then air we breathe. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, personal vehicles in the US generate around 30 million tons of CO2 every year just by idling. Approximately 20 billion dollars is spent every year for gas and diesel fuel in vehicles that are idling and not moving. In Colorado, statewide regulations pertain to larger commercial vehicles and prohibit idling more than five minutes. So, if you think you might be idling for longer than 30 seconds, turning off your engine. It is a better choice.

Recycling: After talking with High Country Conservation Center, I learned #5 plastic containers for yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, and sour cream can be single stream recycled with your local waste removal company. Just remember you can recycle your “Bottles, Tubs and Jugs.” If we all committed to doing a better job recycling, we would, in our own small way, address the amount of plastic in our environment.

House Bill HB 22-1355, The Producer Responsibility Act: This bill was passed in 2022. It will help all Coloradans and municipalities recycle paper and packaging. In 2023, the second phase of the bill’s implementation occurred when the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment appointed Circular Action Alliance as the Producer Responsibility Organization. It will oversee development of a low-cost equitable program to increase recycling throughout Colorado and promote a circular economy for paper and packaging.

For more information about the program and upcoming activities check out the Producer Responsibility Program webpage:

Kurt Dallow
FOLBR Board Member

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